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Academic Year 2015 Tuition Timeslots are opened for registeration Now !

Limited timeslots are available for taking on a first come first serve basis, please contact Mr Brain for a short discussion on the details.



My Tuition rates by Subject for Year 2015 are as follows:

Special notes:
  • The monthly rate quoted above are for 4x1.5 hours sessions for each subject.
  • Fee will be pro-rated if the student discontinue in the middle of the month.
  • For small group session, there will be no replacement session if the student miss the group session. This is to ensure the group stay on track according to the lesson plan.

Available timing are:

    • Monday to Friday 3 to 4.30pm or 7 to 8.30pm
    • Saturday 9 to 10.30am, 2 to 3.30pm, 7 to 8.30pm
    The tuition rate quoted above are based on Sec 3 & 4 subjects, same rates appy for Sec 1 & 2 Maths and Sciences.

     You can either choose to take.....


    One to One Coaching Session

    Enjoy the advantage of having your very own personal tutor to help you in yours school work as well as working with you to learn ahead of your peers in schools.

    1 ) Tailored design of the improvement roadmap to match your study problems

    Each of my student in the 1-to-1 scheme will be given an initial assessment tests upon registration. Based on the strength and weakness of the student, a study roadmap will be planned with selection of suitable workbooks determined. The tuition session timeline will then be planned accordingly taken into consideration the various major examination to ensure proper time allocation for theory buildup and mock examination papers drillings.
                 2) Focus on Topical Theory Concept Buildup
    For the first half of the year, the tuition will be focusing on visiting the topical theory and relevant working papers to clarify the understanding. Students will be guided to do some out of book application exercises to expand the learning scope.
    3) Pre-examination Intensive drilling
    Upon completing the topical exercise phase, the student will be guided to do mock exmination drilling and discussions. Past examination papers from famous local schools will be used as part of the trial runs to ensure student meet the required standard.

    OR..... by gathering your best classmates and form into....



    Buddy system or small group session

    Learning with your best friends or buddies can be very fun and effective. If you are a group of friends or classmates looking for a coach to guide you to explore...chellenge and study as a team, I welcome you to try My-buddy system....
    With many years of interaction with teenagers, I recognised that there are students who are not suitable for 1-to-1 tuition simplying because they are too shy to ask questions. But when you are with your close friends, you will  have the advantage that someone will ask the questions on your behalf...
    There are lot of advantages by forming a small group with friends from the same school especially when working through school works and preparing for school major exmination. The group can better adjust to changes of timing as well as having extra pre-exam session for drilling and QnA.
    I had successfully coached many teams for years and was very delighted to see them learned...grew...have fun....regain their interest in studying and eventually score very well in their examinations.


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