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To all my boys and girls in 2014 : Congratulation for a good job done !
Year 2014 had been very tough learning journey for many of you but finally it is over ! I am proud of you and I truly enjoyed the many hours of struggling with each of you or your team this year. To me, the most rewarding part of this learning journey is that I saw each of you had grown, overcame your respective learning obstacles and became a happier teenager.


While we are now enjoying our hard-earned year end holidays, let us take some times to review and share our learning experiences. I would like all of you to start thinking about the goals you are going to set for few weeks time when we restart the tuition cycle, we will need to set  clear and challenging targets to stretch for and work on together. (Well, for those of you who had been with me for long, you should know what I meant by stretching.......)
For those who are moving on to Junior Colleges or Polytechnics, all the best for your next phase of learning and do come back to me for advises on courses and subject selections if you need.
For those who had lost weight and dropped a lot of hairs due to exam stress, now is time to eat well, sleep well and get back in shape. Get loose and enjoy your holiday ! 
From cher--Mr Brain
 November 2014
Hope you like the following testimony from your peers......let learn from each others.
Many Thanks to all students who spent your time drafting your testimony for this section. For those who had not submit this year. please try harder next round and don't b be shy to share and let others learn from you !
Year 2013 had been a very fun and chellenging year especially for the New buddy teams (BOWEN Ladies, BOWEN Lovers, ZhongHua Rangers ) that we formed. I noticed that by allowing students to pick their very own study buddy who came from same school or even same class, the discussion and interaction during lessons was really great and it also showed up by their examination results !
 The buddy system concept had been practiced worldwide for a long time mainly involving CCA outdoor activity to ensure safety of the students, but to apply it directly in academic learning and achieving great results, it is definitely something new and exciting....
For the new 2014 academic year, we will encourage students to continue working in this scheme and we will enhanced the supporting workbooks and lessons plan to further improve the system.
Mr Brain
November 2014
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