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This free downloadable resources list had been updated as on Oct 2014....Hope you like it !


To download, click on the relevant link and the PDF file will be opened, remember to "save as" a local copy to your local harddisk for your reference or printing.
Some of the files sizes are quite large in order to give you better quality,  so when you try to download them, it may take a while and please be patient to wait for the download to be completed. Also, please be aware that the solutions provided for some of the resource papers might contain minor errors, so please use the question papers for your working and countercheck with the answers cautiously.
If you have good test papers from your school that you would like to share with other needy students who cannot affort to buy the expansive assessment books, please email to me directly and I will publish them in this list.

   Section A:     O Level Elementary Mathematics

Volume 01 : 2011 School Prelim Papers with answer key
Volume 03 Mock Examination Papers with Full Solutions
07 Test 3 Paper-1 (File too large pending compression)
16 Test 6 Paper-1 (File too large pending compression)

Section B:    O Level Combined Science Biology : Mr Brain Memory Cards Series
Volume 15 : New release of Mr Brain Memory Cards Series for Science Biology for your download completely free !
-Chapter 2 Cells
-Chapter 4 Nutrients
-Chapter 5 Enzymes
-Chapter 10 Respiration
-Chapter 11 The Nervous System
-Chapter 12 The Human Eye
-Chapter 13 Hormones
-Chapter 16 Heredity
-Chapter 17 Molecular Genetics
-Chapter 18 Ecology

Section C:   O Level Chemistry
Volume-06 Pure Chemistry Schools Prelim 2011
Volume 07 : Science Chemistry School Prelim Papers with Solutions

 Section D: Additional Mathematics

Volume 21 : O Level Amaths Mock Examination Papers with full solutions
If you would like to explore other sources of free exam papers, try these websites:
Our students & Core Team Tutors have full access to a more comprehensive online resources and exam papers library for their extra homework and revision drilling practices ( Sec 1 to 4 Maths and Sciences ). Access to the library required userID & password will be given upon signing up.

 O Level Scientific Freewares Collection

Due to the large size of the setup files, the setup file for these software tools are not posted to my website but If you need any of them,  just drop me an email.... I will send via email.
- Co-ordiante Geometry  Shapes Plotter
- Graphmatica (Graphs plotter )
- Visual Periodic Table
- Virtual Chemistry Laboratory
- Scientific Calculators
Power Point Presentation file on the followings topics
- Human Reproduction System
- Plant Reproduction System
- Electromagnetic Spectrum
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