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Hi, I am HwaLiang:

I would like to do a brief introduction of myself and my view about mindset building concept to help our younger generation to become life-long we all would agree that study is NOT the ONLY thing to do in life BUT learning is.

Family background

I was a playful kampong boy in Tampines area when I started my primary school education at a time where the school building was constructed using wood and palm leaves as roof top.  I had eleven brothers and sisters in a large family supported by my parents who are hardworking farmers. Being the youngest, I thanksfully enjoyed the  precious opportunity to study in school. I grew up in a natural environment with lot of contact with living things that made me inclined to enjoy study science and physical phenomenon.      

 Education path

My secondary school was Maris Stella High where our subjects were taught in Chinese as first language, I joined Singapore Polytechnic completing my engineering diploma. After my national service, I continued my degree course in Nanyang Technological Institute. Upon graduation, I continued my learning journey in the electronic industry as a research engineer and six-sigma practitioner.

Academic and Professional Qualification

Technical and Innovation Achievement ( USA patents and Trade secret awards)

 My journey & views about developing an Innovation mindset 

I truly enjoyed my career as an R&D engineer in the electronic industry. The working environment gave me opportunity & challenges to put all the theories that I had learnt throughout the years about Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry, Engineering Mechanics into actual products and process design. Along the way, I came across & learnt new concepts & Methodology such as TRIZ, LEAN, Six-Sigma DMAIC, Design for 6-Sigma (DFSS) which further expanded my mindset and viewing horizon.
After going through this life-long learning journey, I realised the advantage and potential of adopting a more systematic approach ( taking the best practices in each of the above methodology)  to expand the mindset of our youth.
I came in contact with many students through my last few years of tuition projects and I was astonished by the lack of development of the mindset & physical brain of our young generation. There is generally a lack of spirit of curiosity and hunger for application of knowledge which made their study life dry, painful & stressful.
 I started my experiment of attempting to rebuild the Mindset of my students and stimulate development of their physical brain (at least some part of it ) by practical problems solving. I believe that learning is a Mind building and Brain developing process and it would take time and preseverence before getting the result that we wanted. That's why I uses the name "Mr Brain" to serve as a constant reminder to myself and my students that developing the brain is the key to successful learning.
What is my secret of learning Engineering, Maths and Science ?
Is there really any secret to master Maths & Science ? If there is, are you willing to not only find out what this secret is but also willing to work on it. I remember a quotation from Anthony Robbins that goes something like ," Knowing and not applying is yet to know.". If you find out about the secret of anythings, be it Maths or Science, but if you do not make use of the knowledge that you acquired, then what good would that make or what difference would you be compared to another who doesn't know the secret. Before letting you in on the secret to learning Maths and Science, promise me that you will make good use of it and that you will share this secret with anyone who is finding it a challenge to master Maths and Science. Albert Einstein said it best when he said, " It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stayed with the problem longer." The key here is he stayed with his problem longer. There is something similar in what I had always shared with my students, that I am not any smarter than them. The only reason why I am good in Maths and Science today is because of the past many years of experience accumulated from practicing. I did not particularly stayed longer with the problems like what Einstein did; I just did a lot of practices...which subconciously led to the development of my physical brain and building up of my scientific mindset. You can do it too !
Learning and applying the knowledge gained is our life long journey, so don't be afrid of making mistakes and never stop there, start developing a passion to learn now!
My Family and Love Ones

Life is much more than working and accumulating wealth. I am blessed with many love ones in my life (my wife, 3 children, sibling, friends and my students) which make me greatly enjoy interaction and sharing with people especially teenagers. I believed that passing down knowledge and imparting proper life attitude and values to the younger generation would certainly help to improve their life and peoples around them.
Well ! Besides tuition needs, for anyone who would like to learn how to develop and deploy websites, for those who like mechanical engineering & design with tolerance simulation, for those who love planting, cycling and fishing, for those who loved God's words and like to have bible study partner...You are most welcome to contact me !
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